College Work

Here you can find some of the work I did in College.

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Type History Posters

These posters were created to explore and demonstrate the different type families and their histories.
Type Posters Set 1
Type Posters Set 2


1975 was a font I created based on a fairly strict 4x4 grid system to replicated the super pixilated computer screens of yesteryear. I then created a unique "booklet" to display the font.
Font Book

Data Visualization

For a data visualization project, I created two similar magazine layouts. These layouts display the same information and data, but are altered to cater to different audiences. The layout on the left is catered to adults and parents sending their children to design school. The layout on the right is geared towards prospective students.
Data Visualization Layout

Senior Thesis Project

My senior thesis project was centered around physical typography. To display this concept, I used string and nails to create a letter that was clear and structured, but breaks and juts out into the viewer's space.

Read my full thesis statement here. Thesis Project
Thesis Project
Thesis Project