A daily (or more often, usually) exploration of typography and the shape of a letter (or number).

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Create a letter or number each day. These letters can be hand-drawn, rendered on a computer or some mix of both. Publish these works to a blog.
P Drawing


I wanted to use this blog to explore a more creatively free side of design. I used pen, pencil and computer to create letters. I did not give myself a time limit, but the goal was for these letters to be quickly rendered, only to create a sketch or idea. Recently, I have begun experimenting with other materials, and even using code to create some of my letters.
T Drawing


Usually, I would start with a few quick sketches, and then move to a more full runder of an idea. This could take a couple minutes, or an hour. When I was satisfied with the idea, I would post a picture to the blog.

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